NTU HCI 2016 Spring

Human-Computer Interaction 2016S
Lecturers: 陳炳宇教授、梁容豪博士(合授)
TAs: 謝孟儒、廖以圻


此課程設計為偏向務實之基礎人機互動課程,適合大三以上或研究所學生選修。 過程結合理論與實務,目的為透過人機互動設計解決日常生活問題。課程涵蓋互 動設計方法(Interaction Design)、快速實作工具(Rapid Prototyping Tools)掌握、 實驗方法(Experiment Methods)、以及產品設計(Product Design)。課程內容包 含人機互動系統的發展簡介開始,互動系統的設計流程與方法,並利用快速實作 工具實作概念,再利用正確的實驗方法與設計分析互動系統的使用性,最後再利 用產品設計將結果完整呈現。根據課程的進度設計,各組學生將從發現問題,執 行設計,實作及測試自己的互動系統,並且解決日常生活中的實際問題。


課程規劃 (18 週):
  • Overview of Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human Factors – Human Information Processing, Mental Models, and Human Errors
  • Lab 1: Ideation – Field Observation, Brainstorming and Storyboarding
  • Input Techniques – Graphical UIs, Tangible UIs, Natural UIs
  • Lab 2: Prototyping – Prototyping Input Devices with Electronics, Cameras, and Microphones
  • Output Techniques – Visual, Auditory, Haptic Displays
  • Computer Graphics, Computer Vision in HCI
  • Lab 3: Designing Interactions – Prototyping Interactive Devices with Arduino
  • Mechanical Design and Digital Fabrication: Additive, Subtractive, and Hybrid Methods
  • Evaluation – Experiment Design and Statistic Analysis
  • Term Project Proposal
  • Lab 4: Pilot Study – Evaluating Interactive Systems with Users Evaluating Interactive Systems without Users
  • Fundamental Data Analytics in HCI – Significance Testing, ANOVA, Correlations
  • Lab 5: Data Analytics and Machine Learning (Using R)
  • Current Trends in HCI and How to do literature Review?
  • Effective Communication and Product Design
  • Term Project Presentation
1. The Design of Everyday Things, Donald A. Norman (1998)
2. Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction Fundamental (2013)
3. Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction (2010).
4. ACM SIGCHI/UIST Conference Proceedings.


教學方式: 課堂教授、個案討論、團隊合作

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